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Bush Fires in Eastern Australia kill more than 100 people

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by katherine, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. katherine

    katherine Registered

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    I do not know if people here know what is going on right now in eastern part of Australia.

    I feel right now very very lucky and very very sad to for the hundred or more families. Right now there is a several major bush fires going on and last I heard the fires has killed 135 so far and still lots of people missing presumed dead.

    Can people here stop for a few minutes and think about the families and people now suffering. IT is times like this when you realize these internet program and money means nothing when disasters like this happen.

    Here is a section from an online newspaper report I have found.

    There are fears the tragedy will have claimed more than 200 lives by the time police complete their searches of towns wiped out by the blazes.

    A massive relief effort has been mounted to help those left homeless by the destruction of 750 dwellings in Australia's worst natural disaster.

    Its scope was evident at emergency refugee camps at Alexandra and Whittlesea where hundreds of the homeless have converged for help.

    Hand-written notes and pictures are plastered on walls as survivors desperately try to make contact with loved ones.

    The worst thing about all of this is the police are saying the fires was started by very sick people in the brain who love playing with fires and have started the fires on purpose. My opinion if these people are found to be the ones started all of this, they should be made to pick up the burnt body and also made to face the people who have lost loved ones. Putting these people in jail will not work, they should face up front what they have done and seen the suffering that happens afterwards.

    So right now very sad event happening here in Australia

    If people want to keep up to date what is going on here is the link,2...603-661,00.html

    Also can people pray that do pray that the families come through this strong and heal well as they morn their loved ones.

    Some people make not want to know about this, but I think it is important to know to.

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  3. skylady

    skylady Registered

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    I've been at many Wild Fires and they are vicious...

    My prayers are with the loved ones left behind...

    Thank you Katherine


  4. js of 9planetreviews

    js of 9planetreviews Registered

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    I've been listening to CBC radio 1 and they have been reporting on this all day. 141 dead so far, more will be found.

    Wow. Those folks must have felt like The Book of Revelation was coming alive, or the events described therein.

    It's scary world, anything can happen, and does.

  5. badluckme

    badluckme Registered

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    so ,I fill so sad ,and I come from China,I offen suf on the internet ,and have many international friends,for this case I have put some cash to the friends, let us pray for them ,and my email is thank you.

  6. mikesmithm2

    mikesmithm2 Registered

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    You have probably heard about the devastating bush fires in Victoria
    Australian, and if you are one of those lucky people who lives close to
    nature - either bushland or woodland - you're probably a little more
    concerned about the bushfire threat to your home and family, though
    probably the biggest threat to your family and your home is being
    unprepared. Too many people have perished trying to defend their home
    and property fighting a bushfire they were totally 'unprepared' for, in
    fact the best time to fight a bushfire is when there is no bushfire
    around because ninety percent of protecting your home, property and
    family from the dangers of bush fires is preparation.

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