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Ask Me Anything Diamonds investments

Discussion in 'Commodities' started by Michal Futera, Sep 30, 2019.

  1. Michal Futera

    Michal Futera Registered

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    Hello guys,

    I would like to introduce a possibility of diamond investments and also building passive income. Project belongs to Diamond international corporation.
    Basic activity is that you invest small amounts of USD monthly. It starts on 60 USD and it's growing by multiples. So you can invest 60, 120, 180,.. 600, etc. For your saved money, you can chose diamonds or jewells from company catalogue anytime.
    Why would you need a diamond? Well, it's a great saving tool and it's value will never go down. Contrariwise, world stocks of diamonds are running low, so it's very probable, that value of diamonds will go up in next years.

    Second part of the project is building a passive income. If you like the system and you are willing to recommend it to someone (friends, family, colleagues, etc), it is a big plus for you. Every person you recommend and they register to the system with your link, it brings you a brokerage. How is it possible? Well, company doesn't want to spend lot of money for some advertisement campaings, they rather use clients network to extend the business. So the money that would be normally used for marketing and advertising purposes are dropped back to the clients. As you probably know, the personal reference is the best advertisement.

    If anyone would be interested to get more information how it works, do not hesitate to ask me or just leave the comment. Opinions and remarks are also welcomed.


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