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Ethereum - the crypto future ?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Creatorxdeveloper, Jun 18, 2020.

Do you think Ethereum would rise as Bitcoin

  1. Yes ✓

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  2. No ❌

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  1. Creatorxdeveloper

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    In 2017, the price of Ethereum went up by almost 10,000% two years after it was created in 2015 by lead-developer Vitalik Buterin and is now the second most valuable coin in the cryptocurrency industry. Just like Bitcoin, Ethereum allows you to send and receive coins between wallets. A transaction average about 16 seconds and the maximum amount the blockchain can process is 15 transactions every second. Although the Ethereum blockchain is the second most popular in the cryptocurrency industry, it actually has a few issues regarding scalability. (Scalability refers to the number of transactions a blockchain can process per second.). There are lots of different smart contract platforms that can perform much better. If Ethereum doesn’t fix their issues quickly, they could lose out to their competing blockchains.
    Ultimately, Ethereum has some really strong competition in the smart contract sector, but as the first and original project to do it, I think they will always be the market leader. However, they need to make sure they don’t take too much longer in making the required changes.
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