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Ask Me Anything How do you conduct title deed search in Kenya

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by Username Investment, Oct 5, 2020.

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    Here’s how to conduct a title deed search in Kenya 2020

    Title deed search is the process of retrieving documents showing events in the history of a piece of property to determine details and regulations concerning it. The Ministry of Lands provides a platform where potential buyers can conduct title deed search before they make a commitment to purchase a property.

    While many view this exercise as tedious, lengthy and time consuming, it is a short and precise procedure that equips you with solid details of the current owners of the property you are interested in purchasing. There are two methods of conducting title deed search.

    1. Manual title deed search - This search is conducted physically at the Lands Registry.
    2. Online title deed search – This search is conducted online. This has been made possible by digitization of land records, however this is only available in Nairobi County and will soon be rolled out to other counties.

    Documents required during a title deed search

    1. A copy of the title deed you are conducting search on
    2. A copy of your KRA Pin Certificate
    3. Your contact details i.e. phone number, postal address and email address.
    4. Copy of your Identity Card

    Key steps when perform an online title deed search;

    1. Log into the e-Citizen platform and create an account
    2. Navigate to the Ministry of Land and Physical Planning and select the land search option
    3. Input the title number of the property under search and complete the online land search form
    4. Confirm that all the details are correct before submitting the form
    5. Select your preferred payment option, which can either be through M-Pesa, Credit card or a Debit card.
    6. Once the payment is successful, proceed to print the search results

    A land search costs Ksh 500.
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