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Knowing when to exit!

Discussion in 'Businesses' started by Accepted, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Accepted

    Accepted Registered

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    I'd like to ask the best advice when knowing when to exit out of an investment or company, do you set goals, targets etc?
  2. The Toren Brothers

    The Toren Brothers Registered

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    @Accepted Thanks for the question. Its an important one. :)

    We typically like to set ideal goals and milestones for timing our investment exits. Everyone seems to have their own investment objectives, some people are looking specifically for wealth appreciation and other investors may have specific goals like hedging for inflation or capital appreciation and of course their timelines and needs may differ too.

    Our rule of thumb is that our investment strategies are like roadmaps at best and we always go with the flow as markets keep twisting and turning and always keeping our finger on the pulse of the market and what we feel might be next. Whatever decisions we make, we always base it on the fundamentals of financial markets, the overall economic outlook, the 'Toren Brother' feels :) and of course our investment objectives. We always try our best to not sell on impulse or a Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt sale in a falling market without doing a lot of research on what's really going on.

    There are certain investments that we have which are by nature longer term investments. If we believe in the strong fundamentals of any invested asset class, we don't let the sight of slower returns or lack of growth in the short term deter us from our goals with our longer term investments.

    Just like its important as to when we enter the investment, there isn't only one specific fixed time to exit. We are always keeping our exit in mind according to our investment goals and of course a lot is research-based.


    Nothing is intended to be an endorsement of any company, organization, or investment. We are in no way providing investment advice or recommendations on investments. Always do your own research.
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