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Online store may be a good way to invest

Discussion in 'Investment Management' started by meiwen, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. meiwen

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    Evengthough now there have many online store, but the product the key factor to decide if you can make money. Now you can search "cheap yeezys" on the goole, then you will find out the top 5 website is selling UA yeezy. what is UA?
    I saw a review on a youtube channel after the youtuber post a UA yeezy on his channel. one of his subs said:
    UA (Unauthorized authentics) are nothing other than literally shoes that are made from the exact materials the ones in retail stores are. They sometimes have a minor stitch wrong or something that doesn't pass an inspection for perfect cosmetic reasons and end up getting sold on the slick. Other cases are someone that works in the factory got the plug and making those joints with the left over material and selling them. Basically, they are legit quality and materials, but under the table. lol Either way, you save a TON.
    That might be intersting and there are so many peopel can accept this
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