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Panama Corporations

Discussion in 'Businesses' started by Offshore, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Offshore

    Offshore Registered

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    A Panamanian corporation offers the following benefits:

    No reporting requirements (Panama has a territorial tax system, if the income is earned offshore or from exempt sources, non Panamanian income, interest on Forex or bank accounts, then the corporation is not required to present tax returns or audited accounts).

    Funds and accumulated offshore profits can be deposited or invested in any country in the world without becoming subject to taxation in Panama.

    It is possible to keep a business under direct control while maintaining complete confidentiality. This is possible because the names and details of the beneficial owners are not publicly available, since they are not filed at the public registry.

    The company is not required to file any changes to ownership schedule, after the registration is complete, which means that only the directors of the company will know who the shareholders are (since they maintain the company records and will be responsible for the issuance of the share certificates).

    It is not required to maintain a legal address, such as a Registered Office in Panama. Nevertheless, every Panamanian corporation has a Registered Agent in Panama, which must be a lawyer or a law firm.

    There are no Citizenship or residency requirements or restrictions with respect to Owners, Directors and Officers of the company.

    Shareholders' and Directors' meetings may be held anywhere in the world.

    Shares of the company may be issued in a registered form or to "Bearer", known as bearer shares.

    One person may hold all three offices of the President, Corporate Secretary and Treasurer of the Company.

    Other common advantages of Panama's IBC's are:

    Asset Protection

    Income Tax Reduction or elimination

    No inheritance, succession or gift taxes

    Protection from inflation, since Panama's currency (the Balboa) is pegged to the US dollar, in Panama there is no inflation upon the devaluation of the Balboa. Nevertheless, the Panamanian economy is subject to the fluctuations of the US Dollar, particularly against the Euro.

    Freedom from currency exchange control

    Reduction in legal liabilities, since the company has limited liability

    Reduction in operating expenses

    Easy access to North American and European Capital Markets

    No International Trade Tariffs

    No annual tax return requirements

    No import/export quantity limitations

  2. bulastika

    bulastika Registered

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    That why most of the scammers can be found in panama. Lets face it its like switzerland with more freehand. If you have money in panama it does not matter where it came from as long its money its good in here.
  3. zedeafone

    zedeafone Registered

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    This is a negative comment and I am not saying you are wrong but such statement will turn off potential would be interested members such as myself. Therefore comments should be helpful to members with information in order to assist them. No disrespect intended however, I have been seeking information on incorporating in Panama and raise Capital to purchase two Hotels for sale in the same location. I have my eyes on my target and not seeking distraction.

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