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Swagbucks -

Discussion in 'General Investment Forum' started by Feedy92, Mar 1, 2017.

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  1. Feedy92

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    Here is my Guide on How to easily earn money in [Swagbucks]!!

    First of all my Proof (Note that i am not really active and still made enough money passively to cash out 35 in Paypal / Amazon GC.

    In My Opinion the best resource to gain income (since clixsense went kinda slow for me and stopped using paypal)!

    Payout Method: Paypal, Gift Cards
    Minimum Payout: 5
    Available In: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland,EU

    1. TO DO LIST:

    Must be completed by clicking through each item under the "TO DO LIST"
    1.Daily Poll- 1 SB, Just a random Poll taking you 5 seconds
    2.Daily Crave- 1 SB, Wait for it to check off, then click whether you like it or not (not working in every country)
    3.Daily Search - potential search reward ranging from 4 SB to about 50 SB, Search to check this off the Daily List.
    4.Daily Watch- 1-3SB vary, depends on which playlist you watch but you can make a lot over here just watching videos on the side
    5.Daily Discover- SB vary, depends on which discover offer/surveys you complete. (Suggest trying ones that are posted)
    6.Daily Answer- 1 SB minimum, attempt a survey or complete one.
    7.Deal of the Day- SB and offer change daily.

    2. Gold Surveys:

    The Main Reason I use Swagbucks is because i use the Gold Surveys.
    These pay from 50 Swagbucks up to 200 SB (which is 2 $ for a single survey) and you can easily do about 3-4 of these per day.
    You sometimes get sorted out but it aint as bad as in clixsense or pages like this!

    3. Games:

    You can make 10 Cent every day in a few minutes by playing Games on the page (just take swagrun, lose and repeat to cash)

    4. Mobile Apps:

    Mobile Apps:
    Swagbucks tv

    You can make 10 SB per App per Day making 60 SB per Day or around 1800 SB per Month with minimal effort!

    5. Passive Income

    One of the Best Parts:

    Passive Swagbucks:

    1.If you reach the Daily goal (which can normally be reached solely through the apps) you will get bonus SB and it will count towards your Winning Streaks.
    2.The Second goal or Total Goal gives you more bonus SB, but does not have to be reached in order to count toward your Winning Streaks.
    3.Winning Streaks:
    Meet Daily Goal 7 days in a row.............. 25 SB Bonus
    Meet Daily Goal 14 days in a row............ 100 SB bonus
    Meet Daily Goal 21 days in a row............ 200 SB bonus
    Meet Daily Goal every day in the month... 300 SB Bonus

    4.Passive Earning Calculations for Goal One for a month (m):
    Reaching Goal One of the Daily Goal......... 90 SB/m
    Meeting Goal One every day for month..... 300 SB/m
    Referral SB............................................. ??? SB/m
    Complete passive amount....................... 390 SB/m

    4.5Passive Earning Calculations for Total Goal for a month (m):
    Reaching Total Goal of Daily Goal............. ~482 SB/m
    Meeting Total Goal every day for m.......... 300 SB/m
    Referral SB............................................. ???? SB/m
    Complete passive amount....................... =782 SB/m

    5.Notes about Passive earnings:
    SB from Daily Goal and Winning Streaks are paid out on the 5th of every month, referral SB's are paid out as they're earned.
    Daily Goal rewards increase over time the more you complete it and the more SB you earn per day.

    6. Referals:

    One of the best things of Swagbucks is the Ref System:
    You get paid 10% of ALL earnings from people refered by you.
    You basically get a free, passive income if you manage to get refs through this page easier than on any other page that i stumbled upon!

    7. Swag Codes / Specials:

    Swag Codes- usually around 2-4 SB which are posted on their social media sites.
    Codes are posted automatically on /r/swagbucks.

    Swagbucks also almost everytime has a system called Swago , in which you have to do certain tasks to fill a virtal Board, which you can ultimately exchange for Swagbucks again!

    As you see there are ultimate ways to earn through Swagbucks , so just start today!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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