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tax regulations in your country

Discussion in 'Businesses' started by Andreas Zweck, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Andreas Zweck

    Andreas Zweck Registered

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    Hi to all CIF members,

    in my country we need to paying tax on all general earnings including online earnings over a amount of 500 euros per month.

    This means over this amout you are responsible to report this money or at least your tax number to the admins of this sites and the financial office near you that they will get known of your earned money sums and that they will be able to calculating the tax amount you will need to pay to them or what they will automatically credit.

    But in my country the tax what will be calculated or what I will need to pay will be lower than the 19 % rate on all kind of goods I buy because earnings online are kind of else earnings streams with lower tax rate.

    How is this in your country with tax free amount, tax regulations and tax routines at all?

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