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The FIRST blockchain-based global online platform for nutrition!

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrency' started by Marty Landry, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Marty Landry

    Marty Landry Registered

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    There is long list of ICOs coming up on day to day basis, it is almost impossible to decide as per which one to go with. This is where VDC Coin is the answer to everything!

    VDC Coin is a peer to peer, open source blockchain based cryptocurrency created to serve as the de facto digital currency for ViDiCia platform. Its a complete altcoin (with near future availability in global crypto-exchanges) with wallets for safe-keeping and trading utilities besides being an integral part of the ViDiCia platform.

    With being the FIRST blockchain-based global online platform for nutrition, it holds serious potential for all involved! And, there is bonus starting from 30% every week, it is expected to take the world by storm!

    The ICO is just 15/16 days away, its the biggest opportunity to get into! Check out this video to know further
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