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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Marc Marcel Djo, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Marc Marcel Djo

    Marc Marcel Djo Registered

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    Dear Investors,

    I am pleased to present you the best investment opportunity of all time. The firm offering it is a British compagny with attractive investment opportunities for sophisticated investors, ranging from private investors and family offices to Funds and Venture Capital firms.

    Key Features of the Protected Fixed Income Bond:

    - Protected fixed income bond, with an ideal 24-month term. This can be extended for a further two years and in perpetuity until the issuer stops the issue. Early exit available if required.
    - A/A+ - Rated Bond Fidelity Capital Protection Insurance Wrap.
    - Security – fixed and floating charge via debenture, overseen by FCA regulated Security Trustees.
    - Excellent, highly experienced management team in place, including individual FCA regulated CEO. The CEO is a CF1, CF3 and CF30 FCA regulated individual, as well as runs his own FCA regulated managed funds company. Is important to note however that the bond is NOT an FCA regulated product.
    - Available to High Net Worth, Professional and Sophisticated Investors only.
    - Minimum investment is £100,000, but through our exclusive arrangement we can reduce the minimum investment to £20,000.
    - No third party recourse to investor funds – investment operates on a “tear sheet” arrangement, so funds never leave the company bank account.
    - Multi-currency UK banking facilities with major clearing bank.
    - Product structured by a top firm of London lawyers with due diligence already carried out by the lawyers, insurance brokers, insurance underwriters and the Security Trustees.
    - The bond has its own ISIN number and is listed with CREST.

    We can provide to any potential clients:

    - The Fixed Income Bond offering Information Memorandum
    - Summary details of the insurance wrap
    - Powerpoint presentation
    - FAQ’s

    You may reach me for more details using the contact details given below.
    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Marc Marcel Djo

    Mobile / Whatsapp: +22579328962
    Skype: marceltheivorian
    Telegram: @MarcelTheIvorian
    WeChat: wxid_w7pw4tctp9vz22
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