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What does Brexit mean for us who trade?

Discussion in 'Stocks and Shares' started by InvestEx, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. InvestEx

    InvestEx Registered

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    What effect do you think it will have on the UK markets and beyond?
  2. jschneir

    jschneir Registered

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    Longer term I believe that the UK markets will lose a lot of the financial business they once had. Remember that the UK exchanges have been the epicenter for clearing of many goods and currencies. Most of the banks will lose this business. However, much of this is already known and priced into the companies stocks.
    What I would look at for a longer term perspective is how any restrictions in immigration flows vs population growth will impact government spending as well as general growth. For example, if you look at Japan through the last 30 years they've stagnated in growth in large part due to a high savings culture and low population growth to push more industry.
    Immigration, for all of it's problems, provides a boost to the economy as a whole by providing more demand and cheaper labor.

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