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Where & How Should We Buy Property?o_O

Discussion in 'Real Estate' started by noamfiruz, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. noamfiruz

    noamfiruz Registered

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    Hey guys!
    How are you?

    So for some time now, I am thinking about buying my first property - first Real Estate Investment.

    I am an overthinking kind of a person, and I haven't decided yet if I should purchase in my home country which is Israel or abroad.
    And if abroad WHERE???

    I thought about UK, Germany, Portugal, Italy...and how not...the USA.

    The other question is how?! And by how I mean:
    Should I try to do it myself (have to point that I have no experience), or to hire a company that will do it all for me and pay the fees?!

    Any advice will be great guys!
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  3. Simon Davis

    Simon Davis Registered

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    This is completely about where you think you are comfortable. As I would say doing proper research is very helpful in so many ways for one. There are many locations to look but I will say check real estate outlook Austin texas, it’s one of the hottest places for to be if you are wishful to get into Real Estate industry. But of course, it is must that you make up a proper plan instead of jumping in blindly.

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