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make money online from your liberty reserve account




Reading this, you can change your lifestyle! It turned mine around and I am here

to share the success story with you. In fact, the same system that made $24

during the first, $562 in the second week, and $1,320 in 30 days is available to

you for FREE!

Are you dissatisfied with your financial state? Are you in any form of

financial difficulty? Are you a paid employee, a worker, unemployed or a student?

Do you have any kind of dept to settle? Then, dear friend! This is for you!

I came across this system in one forum, and decided to give it a try. Surfing the

internet one day, I found an article, which says, one could make thousands of dollars

in a fortnight investing as little as $4 only.


*Liberty-Reserve Account: open one if you don’t have. It is free to open. Just

follow this link to open a new account: www. Libertyreserve. com.

*Fund your liberty reserve account with just only.$4

*Honesty (very important) and Ability to follow these instructions exactly.



STEP 1. Open an email account either from gmail.com, yahoomail.com, and hotmail.com etc.You can used your existing email to do it.

STEP 2.Open a liberty reserve account (http://www.libertyreserve.com).Free and easy to open, click on create a free account. Put in your email and your name in the space provided. They will provide you with password, login pin and master key. They will send your account number to your email. Go to your mail and copy the account number send to you and use it to open your liberty reserve account and provide the login pin and master key given to you. Follow the instruction promptly.

STEP 3.Funding of your liberty reserve account. You can fund your liberty reserve through a liberty reserve exchanger in your country listed on liberty reserve website. First timer to liberty reserve account needs $5 because liberty reserve will charge you some little percentage and remaining $4 for your business. But if you already have liberty account number, you need $4 in your liberty reserve account.

STEP 4. Send $4 in your liberty reserve account to 4 liberty reserve account number listed below, $1 each to particular account number.






Log in into your liberty reserve account fully, look for transfer tab at the top of the page, click it, it will take you to your account. Put $1 on the space provided as the amount you are sending.then, type one of the liberty reserve account number in the space. Type this as the subject of your transfer:PUT ME IN YOUR EMAIL LIST. Click preview to send $1 to liberty reserve account number listed below one by one.

Note: make sure you type PUT ME IN YOUR EMAIL LIST as the subject of your transfer. This makes it legitimate online business.


***make sure the subject of the MEMO is ***PUT ME IN YOUR EMAIL LIST*** (this keeps the program 100% legal so please don`t forget) Remember, all of this is ABSOLUTELY LEGAL! You are creating a service business

STEP 5. After you have send $1.00 to each of the 4 liberty reserve account number .It now your turn to include your liberty reserve account number into the list by delete one of the liberty reserve account number and replace it with your own liberty reserve number. Make sure the number is your liberty reserve account number given to you by liberty reserve


Delete one of the 4 liberty reserve account number you have send $1.00 each to and replace it with your own liberty reserve account number .As soon as you remove one number from the 4 listed liberty reserve account number, it become 3 liberty reserve account number ,add your own liberty reserve account number back to the list. It would become 4 listed liberty reserve account number. Copy this entire message which must have included your liberty reserve account number. Now send this message to different people, friend, colleague or your family member whether you love him or her. It could be through any of this email website such as yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail or face book, MySpace, twitter. You can also post it on Newsgroups, message boards


You are to pay $1, to each of the liberty-reserve accounts listed below. After that,

remove the first account number from the list, push the second account number up to number 1 thus clearing the second line. Then put the number of your own liberty-reserve account into this vacant 4th line.

send/post this text to 10 different forums or news groups.

I promise that if you follow all the instructions, you will start earning much more money, more than you could ever expect without much effort. Please, read this twice! Follow the instructions, it’s very simple! It is legal. And you will have to invest a measly/mere $4…


Follow these instructions EXACTLY the way, it is written, and you will be smiling in the next 20 to 30 days.

These are the 4 simple steps to Your success:


1. The first thing to do, is to highlight and SAVE this entire article in your MS Word

document or Notepad on your computer, or just print it out, so you can come

back to it later.

2. Read through the program very well, so that you can understand the way, the system works. This is a liberty-reserve system that yields the members money, through compounding process.

3. If you already have a liberty-reserve account, proceed to the next step. If you

don’t, then, go to liberty-reserve and register for free. To fund your liberty-reserve

account or change your liberty-reserve money to physical cash, you have to go to

an exchanger. Liberty-Reserve exchangers are available in most countries of the

world. You can find exchangers in your country through “GOOGLE SEARCH”. When

searching with Google, type “Liberty reserve exchangers in + your country name”

e. g. , Liberty reserve exchangers in U. S etc.

I believe, I have done something to HELP YOU make money online using your Liberty Reserve account. Note that the idea behind this is to be truthful!







It is TRUE you can turn $4.00 into $4000 in about one month using LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT.It had transformed many people dream to reality by generating several thousands of dollars in just 30 days.

I never believe it before until I discovered the opportunity in it .I had been scams online and offline therefore I hate to hear anything online business. But this am about to share with you proof me wrong.

You need to give this letter a chance because everything about it is 100% TRUE and it can help a family, single, married or student (not baby) get kind of money he or she has always been dream of.

It is TRUE you can turn $4.00 into $4000 in about one month using LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT.

It had transformed many people dream to reality by generating several thousands of dollars in just 30 days. As you are reading this message I will implore you to give it a chance too, and see for yourself. You have noting to losswhile there is THOUSANDS to gain. It applicable to every citizen of the world without any restriction. This is only internet business that is easy to do and require just only $4 in your liberty reserve account. You have nothing to loss while there are thousands to gain. It is applicable to every citizen of the world without any restriction, you dont have to process countless email, clicking website or using address with many rule and registration that waste time and effort. You might have heard or seen it on TV program such as OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, 20/20 or read about it in WALL STREET JOURNAL .But if you have not heard about it. This is it, revealed life and direct with easy and simple step by step method.

This program is by no means new, it has been in existence in many forms for at least a decade. But in those days, it required a lot of time and effort as well as investment of few hundred dollars. However thanks to LIBERTY RESERVE and the power of internet, the investment is now virtually ZERO! And what more, the entire process NOW FASTER, EASIER and MORE LUCRATIVE than it has EVER been.

Take ACTION NOW on this following simple instruction, I GUARANTEED that you will enjoy a similar return on your time and little investment. The only things you need are:


*A LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT with at least $4 deposited in it.

You have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSS, and there is NO LIMIT to the amount of income you can generate from this AMAZING single business program run with LIBERTY RESERVE ACCOUNT (www.libertyreserve.com)

Lets get start, just follow this instruction exactly as set out below and then get prepare for a HUGE influx of cash over the next 30 days into your account.

I tell you today, as you read this article, don’t play with it, get straight with every word, and soon, you will know experience the effect of this little secret, that has been locked and the keys thrown away, but now in your HANDS! Try it, it will not fail you!





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