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Will the outperformance of GCC Large cap Stocks continue?

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GCC stock markets were always about large caps, when looking at the top 20 companies listed in the GCC stock markets certain themes emerge

1. They are dominant (48% of market cap, 23% of total value traded, 61% from KSA, 70% from just two sectors banking and chemicals)

2. They enjoy large government ownerships (averaging 45%) and therefore sap liquidity (turnover velocity averages just 12%) &

3. Offer high dividend yields (5% on average)

Please take a closer look at here GCC Investments.

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Beginners in the world of CFD trading can search everywhere but they are not likely to come across a trading website such as FXB Trading which is full of smart kinds of software that helps predict the trends. This website offers platforms with STP/ECN environments and this is a big help for people trading in the CFD market

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