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Satoshi Fund - Investing in blockchain assets

Satoshi Fund - The first fund of trade blockchain.   Invests in blockchain -assets-crypto-currencies and digital assets on the blockchain.

The product is Satoshi • Pie, launched on May 9, 2016.
Under management - 10.6 million dollars.
Growth in dollars - 1520.0%
The growth in BTC is 264.0%


  Portfolio - 25.6 million dollars

Whitepaper - Investment strategy, portfolio structure and other aspects of the Fund's management.

FAQ from the site

Who are we?
Satoshi • Pie - the first fund on block-assets, based on the block, with confirmed successful indicators.

What are we doing?
We invest in block-assets-crypto-currencies and digital assets on the block, which historically showed the fastest growth rates compared to traditional assets.

What are the advantages of Satoshi • Pie?
Satoshi • Pie is managed by Satoshi • Fund, which has good experience in technical and financial analysis, marketing review, legal expertise and trade since 2011 in the blockbuster industry.

There is a one-tier partnership of 2%.
My affiliate link is https://goo.gl/8bNBtw

Founder of the Foundation Konstantin Lomashuk 

На Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference в апреле в Москве Ломашук выступил по инвестированию в блокчей-активы -
видео смотреть на Youtube


1) Registration - by reference https://goo.gl/8bNBtw

2) Transfer of bitcoins to your personal internal bitcoin-purse of the Fund.

3) In a day crediting of the investment, calculation and crediting of SPIES tokens after 15:00 Moscow time.

4) We observe the growth of the cost of tokens and drink a cocktail

And there on the situation. We buy tokens, we sell tokens on the domestic stock exchange.

Internal exchange
(There will be a screen)

The Fund primarily focuses on the bourgeois, so in English. There is no Russian version.

Register and write in a personal. I will help with all questions

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