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How to request a cash withdraw of your points


Learn how to set your payment accounts and ask for a cash withdraw of your earned points

This guide will take you through all the necessary steps you have to do in order to request a payment

First time you request a payment you need to make sure your payment accounts are added to your profile so we can pay you. If you request a payment and you do not have the accounts set up, or the minimum amount of points required for a cash withdraw your request will be delayed and fees may apply.

A. Setup your payment accounts in your profile

1. Sign in to your account (if you are not yet logged in) and go to account settings page.


2. Click on the Edit profile link.


3. Fill your payment accounts details and click Save


B. Post a payment request

4. Go to Payments Center forum and start a new topic with the following content:

Title: Your Username is requesting payment - Payment Processor

Content: Points to cashout, Payment processor

Tip: You may enable: Notify me to get updates on the status of the request


5. When your request is verified by a moderator, will be posted in Verified Requests forumAll the verified requests will  be paid by our Payroll manager and the request will be moved into Completed payments forum. If for some reason (spam posts, bad english) your request is denied, will be moved into Declined payments forum.

6. After you receive the payment, feel free to share it with other members by posting it into I've been paid forumYou receive points for that :biggrin:

7.  Please note that all payment requests are manually verified and our mods check your posts. If you request and have less than minimum of 200 points we will deny your cashout and apply a penalty fee of 20 points. If you are found posting spam your account will get warned/banned and payment forfeited. We are interested only in good content written in understandable english

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